The Creative Well Collection of Online Creativity Courses

Now available in the Simplero app

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You can now access all of your Creative Well Courses in the free Simplero app.

Did you know Creative Well fits in your pocket?

Exciting news!

All of my courses in Creative Well are now available in a handy-dandy app that you can access on the go, or wherever you like to spend quality time with your devices nearby.

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This has been a vision for my work ever since I began dabbling with online courses back in 2013 with my fledgling version of The Muse Spa

And now anybody can access almost a decade’s labours of love in bitesize doses of inspiration via the beautiful Simplero learning platform – designed to support your progress and enjoyment.

(Because both matter.)

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I’ve invested heavily in this tech over the last year, so I hope that this Simplero app option adds to your Creative Well experience.

Because I would LOVE for this collection to become a wealth of resources that you can turn to whenever you feel the need for a boost or insights along your creative path.

You can get the Simplero app in the usual places and then simply login with the details you received when you enrolled in my courses. 

If you haven’t yet explored my online courses, you can find out more about the Creative Well collection here

This collection has grown to become a potent blend of powerful energy work, creative inspiration, business strategy and success mindset tips – all in a spirit of wellness and joy – designed specifically for lovely creative types like you, {{firstname}}. 💝

My vision is that it will provide the balance of holistic mind, body and spirit support  that every creative needs.

If you’re seeking the life more creative – in a way that leaves your health, heart and soul intact – this resource could be a powerful pocket-size ally. 

And if you’d like to trial the app with a free course, The Rudder Board clarity course  is still available. (Though it’s next on the list for a revamp, at which point it will revert to a paid programme, so I recommend acting fast if you don’t want to miss it.)

So, I hope you’ll try out the new app and that it becomes one of your favourite ways to reconnect to your innate creative magic and uplevel your progress and happiness.  🌟

And I’d love to hear what you think! 

Wishing you a healthy, happy and creative weekend,  


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PS As we’re somehow at the end of beautiful September, this year’s September Special will be closing this weekend.

In case you missed it – this year’s offer is a complimentary VIP All Access Pass to all the courses in Creative Well when you book a 1:1 Creative Mentorship session.

So if a VIP upgrade is just the thing to uplevel your creative life for the rest of the year and beyond, there are just a couple more days to claim your gift.

You can find out more details in my heartfelt Ode to September. 🍂


“Stay loyal to your creativity because it’s a gift.


Get VIP access to the entire Creative Well suite

Imagine what your life will look like after a year of exploring…



Wealth Consciousness.











12 months of access
to the entire suite of courses.


A year of guided online journeys, expert support, and the encouragement all creatives need to keep moving forward.

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Human-friendly tips & soul-soothing insights. Designed for creatives.

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