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The Secret to Success in your new Email Coaching business

In this free sample extract from my new Email Coaching Business online course, I’m sharing my secret to success that will serve as soul-soothing North Star in getting started on the right track – for you.

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Ready for my Secret to Success? 

Our first foundational lesson is essentially the key ingredient that I promised you on the Course Info page – the one that guarantees you will LOVE your new business; especially if you’re more introverted or uncomfortable with self-promotion.

This is what I call the Foundational Premise for Success & Happiness.

It’s one of my favourite lessons from my own entrepreneurial journey, and it’s designed to ensure you start crafting your own email coaching business with the right framework in mind, ie the one that will lead to the most success and satisfaction for you.

So, our first focus today will be exploring the bigger vision for your email coaching business, and its role in your life and your unique career path.

Let’s get to work! 🙂

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A Foundational Premise for Success AND Happiness

This foundational premise, when applied in the right way for you, will provide the fulfilment, expression and happiness that you’re seeking.

It’s also what I’ve come to believe is a fast-track to successful results.

So, I invite you to adopt the following idea as a kind of North Star for this programme.

Here is our Foundational Premise:

You will be more successful if you do what lights you up.

That’s it!

And it may seem obvious, but it took me years to fully embrace this idea, I was so convinced that success would involve sacrifice and struggle or doing things I didn’t love – maybe you can relate?

But what I found – eventually – was that the opposite is true.

And looking back, it makes so much sense, because if you think about it, when you choose the route of what you most love to do – you will happily put the hours in.

This alone can make a huge and positive difference to any new venture – projects respond very well to quality time, devotion and attention.

Being eager and willing to devote your precious resources to this venture will be so beneficial in building your new email coaching business. 

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More Business-Boosting Benefits

In addition to happily putting the hours in, when you’re guided by what truly lights you up, you’ll put more of your heart and soul into the work.

People notice this – they can feel it, and it plays a considerable role in your impact, influence and both your success and that of your clients.

Your joy and delight in your work serve your audience at a higher level.

And the benefits continue…

You’ll also become joyfully obsessed with your work. 

You’ll naturally spend time thinking about it, even in your spare time – and when this constant musing is based in excitement, inspiration and a desire to serve, there are beneficial ripple effects for you, your business and your customers.

You get more inspired ideas, coupled with the enthusiasm to implement them – a powerful combination for seeing exciting results.

This devotion also helps you to keep going when things gets difficult or it looks like it’s not working – this factor alone is HUGE.

Resilience, perseverance and simply keeping calm and carrying on are often the true markers for success and satisfaction.

When your heart is in it, when you’re driven by passion and the aspects that bring you joy, this is fuel you can tap into when your initial drive and motivation begin to dip.

And this Do What Lights You Up premise will be so useful in guiding you to design a sustainable coaching format, one that you feel good about delivering and also offering to the world.

Can you imagine the difference it will make to your sales and income when you feel amazing about what you’re offering?!

“Things that are sold from a place of alignment will be bought from a place of alignment.”


Making Peace With Marketing

On a personal note, the area where I found this idea to be the most soul-soothing was in the aspect of the most pain and struggle for me in the early days; marketing.

If you have any introverted tendencies, or you find self-promotion extremely uncomfortable, finding the marketing practice that you not only tolerate but absolutely LOVE can be a game-changer.

I’m sure you can imagine the difference that A Marketing Mix You Feel Good About can make to your impact, influence and business success.

So, over the course of this programme, I’ll invite you to experiment with this theory in your own life and work, because your experience will always be the most compelling evidence.

But if you are going to experiment – and all businesses are a process of learning and developing – why not test the most enjoyable premise first?!

Why not start with the ultimate success scenario, and aim for that?

And our next exercise will help you do precisely that…

To access the entire course and unlock the next lesson, you can sign up here and recieve instant access to your materials in your private learning portal. 

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Discover in one week what took me a decade to learn…


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In 2014, I set up a simple email coaching service to help other creatives, writers and artists.

After a lot of trial and error, I found a way to work that suits my strengths, my lifestyle and my Ideal Clients.

Working exclusively via email, I launched a Creativity Coaching business that was a joy to run and a powerful support service for my clients.

Over the last few years, I’ve been learning and experimenting with the best ways to set up and run – and enjoy – a simple, powerful and effective email coaching business.

The tools and technologies available today make it ever easier to begin this wonderful work, and if you feel called to offer this service, I would love to share all I’ve learned with you.

(And save you the months of learning, the confusion and the dead-ends that I went through.)

You can find out more about my new 5-Day Online Course here:

How To Offer Email Coaching – A Beginner’s Guide


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