Stepping out of your Comfort Zone (the right way)

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Lessons for stepping out of your Comfort Zone

Did you know there’s a right way and a wrong way to step out of your Comfort Zone? 

Turns out that some ways can actually have the opposite effect to the growth and evolution that you’re aiming for. 

Ask me how I know… 😉 

To help you choose the right way for you to stretch or grow that all-important Comfort Zone, I offer you this short and sweet story from my own creative misadventures.  

• • • 

Once upon a time…

There was an Introvert Creative who wanted very much to spend her days writing, creating and sharing her quirky ideas with the world.

One day, she was invited to a ‘Too Good To Miss’ opportunity to further her writing dreams.

There was just one teeny tiny problem: it was waaaaaaay beyond her comfort zone. 😱

But she knew that we’re all supposed to go beyond our Comfort Zones in order to grow, so she leapt from her beloved creative cave into the Scary Unknown.

And like all great stories – there was a very happy ending.


But before the happy ending, she learned a valuable lesson that she likes to call:

How NOT to expand your Comfort Zone.

So, if you sometimes feel that you should go beyond your own warm-&-comfy Comfort Zone, here’s the full version of this Cautionary Tale – to help you know when to stretch and when to keep looking for a healthier and happier way to grow and develop:

(You’ll also discover the benefits of Comfort-Zone-stretching – the right way. 🌟)


Update: I’ve since learned that there’s a whole body of work around these vital nuances ie how to step out of your Comfort Zone and how not to do it. 

There’s a new model called the Comfort – Stretch – Panic Zone theory, which is a pretty accurate reflection of what happened to me when I first discovered the angst of going way too far from my beloved Comfort Zone. 

Brian Johnson from Philosopher’s Notes also shares an interesting take on the idea using the metaphor of a rubber band, inspired by Tal Ben-Shahah in his book Happier

Watch the video to hear Brian explain the crucial difference between stretching too far and not stretching enough. 

And if you’d like a real-life example of how this can play out in terms of career progression and personal development, you can learn from my hard-won lessons here. 

“It’s exciting to commit to something your love, and find ways to make it happen.”

Sabrina Gidda

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