Inspirational gifts for writers, artists and creatives

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Coming soon…

This online shop for creatives will soon be filled with inspiring gifts to support the work in my creativity courses. 

If you are already a member, you’ll be automatically notified when we launch the full shopping experience. 

For now, here’s a small selection of the various gifts and goodies I’ve designed for RedBubble and Cafepress. 

Happy shopping! 


Inspiration & Encouragement Gifts

Because all creatives need regular doses of inspiration and encouragement. 

Discover the first in this collection – a much-needed possibility reminder for visionaries and Big Dreamers.


Prosperity & Success Gifts

For creatives who want to enjoy the success and abundance that supports their work in the world. 

Because kindness reaps rich dividends. 

Thank You Cards & Appreciation

Gratitude is a creative superpower. 

Show your appreciation in style with this quirky and unique Thank You card collection. 

For Undomestic Goddesses (like me)

Housework? When we have greats works to create?!

Gifts for those of us who could use a little inspiration in our ‘temple maintenance’.  


... because happy creatives are good for the planet.