A quick tip to help you get the most out of this (or any) programme, and to also discover the perfect blend of tools and techniques – for you. 

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“You are the authority of what is good for you.



Throughout this programme (you can even adopt this for general use in life, career, relationships, finances – anything that’s important to you) – remember to keep asking this one question, over and over and over:

What’s working – for me

You really can’t ask this question too often.

And the more you do ask it, the more you’re training your brain to see and notice – and create! – what’s working.

Which is a powerful mindset upgrade, for a start.

But you’re also getting ever clearer on the specific partnership of these new activities and your mind and personality – the unique combination of your beliefs, your experiences, your history, your tendencies and your strengths.

The results and ripple effects of Your Creative Dharma material will vary, depending on the person undertaking them, so this is one way of refining the blueprint of what works for you.

This is a hugely powerful awareness, that I hope will serve you in your life and career success way beyond our few weeks together.

So, please ask this question daily, even hourly.

Set the intention to remember.

Create aide memoirs and place them on your desk or in your studio.

What’s working?

What’s working?

What’s working – for me?

The answers you uncover will become a perfect-for-you recipe for success and happiness.

But this clarity is almost a bonus side effect because there are actually four powerful benefits at play when you keeping asking this question.


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The first positive effect is that you are affirming that things are working for you.  

This is SO powerful in terms of mindset and future results – and enjoying the journey.

• • • 


You are training the Reticular Activating System in your brain (like a brain filter) to be a Success-Seeking Mechanism. You are reprogramming your mind to always be on the lookout for evidence of success.

This is a brain-training exercise that can boost your self-image, your confidence and ultimately your results from all your endeavours.

Do you remember I mentioned becoming magnetic to success?

This is how we do it. 🙂

• • • 


When you acknowledge that a certain habit or activity or belief is working for you, it becomes part of your Success Magnet toolkit and you value it more.

You make more time for it.

You feel less guilty for spending time or money or energy or attention on it.

For example, I KNOW that being in beautiful luxury spaces does something to my soul.

It uplifts me.

It moves me in positive ways.

I used to feel guilty about loving this kind of luxury, but now I see it as a connection to a form of excellence and beauty (divine qualities) and that for some reason – a reason I choose to believe makes perfect sense in the grand scheme of things – this experience works,  for me.

And so, I not only feel less guilty about my love of luxurious surroundings (reducing negativity that blocks success and creativity), but I now value it more.

I make time for it. I prioritise it.

I recognise the beneficial effects it has on me.

And this also helps me to amp up the benefits – because I know it’s a double whammy of goodness: delight in the moment, and positive ripple effects on my energy, self-esteem and spirit.

Knowing that this works – for me – helps me enjoy and include more of it in my life.

This adds to the quality of my life (spending more time doing what I love) and serves me on many, many levels.

This is the power of knowing what works for you – what uplifts your spirit and increases your confidence and sense of self.

• • • 


Another benefit of this question is that it encourages you to trust your own experience and wisdom.

When you train your mind to focus on your way and your successes, you naturally spend less time casting around for advice, validation or direction from others.

This becomes a mental habit that builds confidence and self-esteem.

You trust yourself more and have faith in your judgement and decisions.

Not only is this a powerful attribute in your creative life, it can serve you well in all areas of life.

There is much evidence to suggest that your self-image greatly influences, even creates – your world,

So a stronger sense of self will have ripple effects and benefits way beyond your creativity and work.

• • •

So I hope I’ve persuaded you to adopt this mantra!

For bonus points, say it out loud, or even (subject to your surroundings) turn it into an uplifting song or chant.

Jumping, clapping, or happy dancing are optional. 🙂

(But these certainly do integrate it more deeply into your body mind and subconscious!)

Whatever level you feel excited to try – go with that.

But do ask, and keep asking.

What’s working?

What’s working – for me?

And notice what you start to notice…

 • • • 


“The repeated patterns of neural activity
leave lasting traces behind,
like water coming down a hillside.



Choose a place to keep a running list of What Works For Me.

It could be a digital list-making app. (I love Apple’s Notes app.)

Or you could use the back page of your journal or dayplanner.

Whatever works for you!

Just make sure it’s a place you can access often – both for jotting down new ideas as they occur and for reviewing when you need a reminder of your unique combination of winning ways.

Your creative dharma is a uniquely-perfect blend of your what works for you.

This technique will support you in finding your path to it.

And if you’d like more support and guidance for discovering your ideal career, I designed Your Creative Dharma online course just for you.

More details below!

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Hi! I’m Danielle Raine.

I’m a writer, designer + creativity coach.

I’ve been studying inspiration and the creative process for over 2 decades. (#obssessed)

And now I believe 1000% that healthy, joyful creative expression is essential for true happiness and success.

But, as any creative knows – it’s not always an easy path.

So my online courses are where I share what I’ve learned about finding more flow, more fulfilment and more joy along the way.

You can read the story behind Your Creative Dharma here.

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