The Dharma Flow Bundle

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What is the Dharma Flow Bundle?

It’s a twofer!

For a limited time you receive complimentary access to hello flow when you purchase Your Creative Dharma.

This Flash Bundle is a temporary offer  – designed to help you cover all the bases in creating your Dream Career, ASAP.

The mindset magic of Your Creative Dharma.

Plus the energetic upgrades of hello flow.

It’s a potent partnership for discovering your dharma and enjoying the journey.

Because that way, so much life-enhancing magic lies…

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The (slightly awkward) story behind the Dharma Flow Bundle

In the interest of sharing my behind-the-scenes and creative process (even the awkward bits), I have a short story to share with you…

As I was out for a morning walk, I had an aha about my work.

Most of the time, I love these miracle chinks of insight, but this one made me realise that there was something missing from one of my favourite creations; Your Creative Dharma online course.

I realised that the programme is all about mindset – the power of belief, and the specific ways we can cultivate the kind of beliefs that support what I like to call automagic success. 💫

When I created the course back in 2019, I was heavily into mindset work and bursting to share what I’d learned and the amazing shifts that can happen when we cultivate the right belief system.

I’ve been updating the entire curriculum over the summer, but I realised on this morning’s walk that there’s a missing piece.

Because even though mindset work can be so transformative (and fun!), it can be exponentially more effective when coupled with energy work.

The original material in Your Creative Dharma touches on the role of energy in the creative process, but I now feel that there needs to be a dual approach – the crucial mindset pieces AND the energetics that will support, enhance, and accelerate more effortless and exciting results.

So, my aha this morning has got me going back to the drawing board with my course content.

I’m planning to integrate a double-thread approach into the new iteration of Your Creative Dharma.

But in the meantime, I felt called to create a bundle of goodness that covers all the bases we need to enjoy career success and purpose clarity, ASAP.

So for now (until I make the essential changes), any purchases of Your Creative Dharma will also include complimentary access to Hello Flow  which is all about the energetics.

And I’ve christened this potent combo the Dharma Flow Bundle. 🤩

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What is Hello Flow?

Hello Flow is an 11-week series of simple practices and ‘life tweaks’ that can have powerful clearing effects that automagically reduce inner blocks, such as anxiety, self-doubt and procrastination. (AKA some of the biggest blocks on any creative path.) 

Imagine how your efforts and workflow might shift if you embarked on a series of subtle clearing practices – proven to pave the way for more effortless ease and success. 

If you’d like to know more about what you can expect from these potent tools, I share my own results here – delights that inspired me to even guarantee the Hello Flow magic! 

Lifetime Access & The Best of Both

There are more details below if this double whammy approach to creative happiness feels like an answered prayer for you.

And because I love the Best of Both Worlds philosophy, you’ll also receive lifetime access which will include the new-&-improved Your Creative Dharma 2.0, with those missing pieces in place. 🧩

If you dream of a creative career that inspires, delights and energises you, this bundle contains all the lessons I’ve learned over the last few years that have led to this kind of career joy, income upgrade and next level focus.

I’d LOVE to support you in enjoying all this and even more. 


Danielle Raine holistic creativity coach course creator

PS You may also like to know that if this bundle lights your creative fire and you want even more Creative Well goodness – your purchase is redeemable towards the VIP All Access Pass.


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Since I created the Dharma Flow Bundle, I’ve upgraded and updated Your Creative Dharma to include all the previously-missing pieces.

However, I feel this is such a lovely combination of programmes that I’m leaving this offer open for a little while longer.

Because healthy, happy creatives – living their dharma in joy and flow – are good for the planet. 🙂

All you need to do is use the magic code DHARMAFLOW at the checkout. 

And I hope you enjoy this mighty little bundle! 


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The Dharma Flow Bundle

For purpose alignment and career clarity, ASAP…

Receive complimentary access to hello flow when you purchase Your Creative Dharma

Use the code DHARMAFLOW at the checkout.

“Being open to miracles is a discipline and an art.”



...because happy creatives are good for the planet.

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