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Struggling with Making It Happen? Try this soul-soothing alternative…

If Making It Happen just isn’t happening…

In this free sample extract from my new course on manifesting – The Creative Arts of Believing & Receiving – I’m sharing a tip that can boost your confidence, strengthen your faith, inspire action, and soothe your soul. 

All this from simply tapping into the magic to be found in the seemingly mundane…

Extract from Week 3: Creativity

The Magic in the Mundane

I’m currently working on a new programme about the ultimate creative process: manifesting, aka divine cocreation.

And thanks to the very helpful nature of ideas, the more time I spend putting these ideas together for my Beta Testers, the more inspiring and enlightening new ideas keep coming through.

And this week, there was one little gem in particular that has been bringing a huge amount of peace to my heart.

Even though I normally wait until after my projects are finished before I share the sneak peeks and free samples, this idea was just too soul-soothing to keep to myself.

If, like me, you feel drawn to an empowered, intentional, proactive and creative life, yet you sometimes feel exhausted (or frustrated) by the pressure to ‘make things happen’, I think you’ll find some comfort in this simple reframe…

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Making It Happen Vs Making It Likely

During my decades of studies of manifestation principles, I’ve seen over and over how a vital part of the cocreative process is simply a practice of doing what we can to make results more likely.

By this, I mean the simple, practical, tangible, even tiny action steps that we believe could aid our plans.

If you feel drawn towards the more divine aspects of cocreation, you could think of it as getting started while the Universe does its thing, or you could see it as paving the way for the manifestation miracles.

While this may seem to be a more mundane than magical approach to manifestation, it has a number of inspiring advantages and soul-soothing benefits…

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4 Benefits of the Make It Likely Approach To Manifesting

1. Making it likely feels do-able.

This alone is a huge shift that can get our subconscious mind working with, rather than against, our plans. (If you’ve ever tried to manifest something you secretly believed was impossible, you’ll know what an internal battle that can be.)

• • •

2. Making it likely feels like something we can influence

We feel more confident and empowered when we feel we can do something that we have a degree of power to control. This means we’re relying less on invisible and unpredictable forces, which can be a huge relief if you’ve had mixed results from manifestation techniques. 

• • •

3. Making it likely inspires action.

Of the many approaches to cocreation that I’ve studied, not a single one has claimed that no action is required. So if this approach inspires us to act in the direction of our desired results, that will inevitably kick-start some kind of momentum, which can often trigger all those other magical forces to align with our plans. 

• • •

4. Making it likely boosts faith.

Doing what we can to make it likely has the wonderful effect of boosting our faith. An internal shift towards believing something is increasingly likely can be a powerful boost when it comes to manifesting. This deeper sense of expectation can also work its metaphysical magic in the cocreation process. (More on these vital yet less tangible aspects during the programme.) 


“The miracle lies in our capacity to change the way we think.”


So, if you’ve been struggling with the idea of Making It Happen, or you’ve been trying to make it happen with disappointing results, I invite you to try this human-friendly alternative.

At least until the magic kicks in. 😉

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Over to you…

As with all the principles in my formula for Intentional Cocreation, this approach can be used for anything – it’s a universal principle in all senses of the term. 

So, how can you apply this idea to the vision you are currently trying to bring to life? 

For example; 

If you’re trying to make a certain creative dream happen… how can you make it more likely

If you’re trying to make career or business success happen… how can you make it more likely

If you’re trying to make a financial miracle happen… how can you make it more likely

Or if you’re trying to make a physical healing happen… how can you make it more likely?


When we ask, How can I make this more likely?, we begin to think differently.

We begin to tap into our brilliant creative genius mind and start imagining potential solutions or baby steps towards progress.  

This is creative manifestation in action, this is us being the powerful cocreators we are here to be.  

While it may not be the whole story, and it may not be the only step towards manifesting your dreams (I always recommend leaving room for miracles), it’s one potential route to creating the results you’re seeking, or at least, creating some inspiring momentum. 

And since it feels doable, inspiring and within our control, it could make all the difference between feeling powerless and feeling confident that there are steps you can take to create your vision.  

This combination of confidence and action seems to be a potent combination in the realm of manifesting.  

So I hope you’ll give some thought to how this Make It Likely mindset can spark some new ideas and inspired actions towards your goal.  

As they say, Pray and move your feet.  

And to help with the former, I’ll be exploring the other spiritual and psychological aspects of the manifestation process in the rest of the programme 

But in the meantime, how can you make your current dream more likely?  

And which of those inspired action steps can you take today? 

I hope this simple reframe helps you enjoy more success in your creations, as well as more peace and joy along the way.

I’d love to hear how you get on! 


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If you’d like to be a Beta Tester for my new course in Creative Manifestation, you can find out more here.

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This post is a free sample from The Creative Arts of Believing & Receiving

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What happens when you combine a lifelong obsession with creativity with decades of cocreation studies? 

A new formula for manifestation. 

Designed for creatives.


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I’ve been obsessed with the creative process ever since my Art School epiphany in 1993. 

For the last decade, I’ve been writing, coaching and teaching creativity principles to help my fellow creatives do more of the work they love, the work they are here to do. 

This latest course is a collection of my insights and teachings on the ultimate creative process: the art of intentional manifestation. 

I’m currently offering places to Beta Testers who would like to be coached personally through my new formula for manifesting. 

You can find out more about my new course in Creative Manifestation and the Beta Tester invitation here:

The Creative Arts of Believing & Receiving


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