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“However happily any of us may be circumstanced, we can all conceive something still better.”

Thomas Troward

Hi! I’m Danielle

danielle raine creative coach
danielle raine creative coach

Who doesn’t love a Free Sample?!

I’ve been noticing lately how much I love the popular business model of offering a free trial or taster session of something before having to make a blind purchasing decision based on guesswork. (Which in these days of Decision Fatigue can be an added stressor.)

And so in homage to the joy of the free sample, I’ve compiled a menu of all the sample chapters, free lessons and sneak peek modules from my own work that I’ve shared over the years in one handy list – so that you can see at a glance which one(s) might be perfect for you.

So, if you’d enjoy a little window-shopping in my digital world, here’s my virtual goodie bag of free samples – happy browsing! 🛍



Free sample from The Creative Arts of Manifesting

Perfect for co-creators looking for a soul-soothing alternative to making it happen.

• • •


Free sample from Your Creative Dharma

Perfect for purpose-driven creatives craving more career clarity.

• • •

Free sample from Hello Flow

Perfect for uplevelling and revitalising your self-image and sense of deservingness.

• • •

Free sample from How To Offer Email Coaching

Perfect for anyone craving both success AND happiness in their business. 

• • •

Free sample from From Wannabe To Writer

Perfect for aspiring authors who want to feel less daunted about completing an entire book. 

• • •

Free sample from Tonics For Your Creative Spirit

Perfect for boosting creativity, productivity and flow with a simple free tool. 

• • •

Free sample from Holistic Creativity Coaching Starter Kit

Perfect for anyone curious about a healthy and holistic approach to creative success

• • •

Free samples from The Muse Spa

Perfect for wooing your muse with wellness.

I hope you find something inspiring in this collection of free gifts and goodies.

But if you’d like some help from me in choosing your best next step, please feel free to get in touch – I’d LOVE to hear what you’re up to in the world!


Danielle Raine holistic creativity coach course creator

PS If you feel that you’d like more than one course, and possibly my new releases in the future – the VIP All Access Pass may be the best option for you. 

Details below…



if you can’t decide or want more than one…



12 months of access to the entire suite of courses. 

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A year of guided online journeys, expert support, and the encouragement all creatives need to keep moving forward.


...because happy creatives are good for the planet.

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