Be Kind & Prosper teal throw cushion 



Be Kind & Prosper teal throw cushion

40cm x 40cm Throw Cushion

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This design was inspired by the book, The Diamond Cutter; The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally. 

The book explores the principles of an ancient Tibetan text (also called The Diamond Cutter), as well as Geshe Michael Roach’s sparkling career in the diamond industry. 

It’s a rare and fascinating insight into both. 

The core principle of the book is the prosperity law of giving and reciprocity, ie in order to receive anything, we must first give it. 

This is a valuable practice for life and happily it’s also a good basis for a sustainable, soulful business. 

Kindness creates good karma. 

Being compassionate, generous and kind with your customers is always good for business. 

I designed this work as a reminder that Love and Business can go together beautifully. 

And the ever-popular teal / Tiffany Blue brings an uplifting colour pop to any neutral scheme.  

Be kind & prosper! 

The story behind the design...

The Diamond Cutter book image

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If you’d like to explore the Be Kind & Prosper philosophy more deeply, I share my the full power of this approach in Your Creative Dharma.

There are links to more resources below, and you can help yourself to some free snippets and samples here or you can download the free ebook, The Joy of Dharma here.


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