Hi! I’m Danielle.


I’m a writer, designer and creativity coach.

I believe that healthful, joyful creative expression is a fast-track to the beautiful, meaningful magnificent lives that our souls are craving.

My work is designed to help those who are seeking all of the above.

Creative Well is my new online coaching hub and gift shop, with lots of resources and goodies planned for lovely creative types.

If you’d like to catch up with my latest adventures, I’m currently blogging about the creative process over on my main blog at Danielleraine.com

You’ll also find more information on my books, online courses and email coaching service for creatives, writers and artists.

I’m also sharing a public WIP with my new blog project, A Life More Creative – if you like to watch how creative offerings come to life, you may like to follow along. 🙂 

Or if you’d like to connect on social media, my favourites are Instagram and Pinterest – I’d love to see you there!

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...because happy creatives are good for the planet.

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