About Creative Well

“Do a thing, do it well.”

Bobby Axelrod, Billions 

Hi! I’m Danielle

danielle raine creative coach
danielle raine creative coach

What is Creative Well?

Creative Well is an online support platform that grew from my creativity coaching work.

It’s inspired largely by the quote above.

After a lot of clearing work in recent years, I’ve been enjoying a lovely period of unbridled creativity. 

And not only is this free and happy expression a life-enhancing joy, but I also feel I have finally found my place in the world. 

After decades of searching, I am finally living and loving my dharma.

(I wish I could bottle how good that feels! 🤩) 

And so, now that I have found the work I love, I’m going for it with that all-important gusto.

Designing and refining online coaching courses that help creatives do more of the work they love – and enjoy the journey – is my favourite thing to do. 

I’m obsessed! 

And now that I’m clear on the work I have to offer the world, the work I adore, I’m investing all my time, energy, focus and resources in that. 

I am devoted to creating the best possible platform for these courses, sharing the content that I believe is powerful and transformative for my audience. 

But more than just good content, I care deeply about my course-client’s experience – not just their results, but their enjoyment of the whole process. 

I want the learning platform to be beautiful, uplifting, inspiring. 

I want the material to be doable and easily accessible, to ensure the best possible learning experience. 

I want to master the ways of presenting courses so that my course-clients are excited to not just sign up but to follow the programme and complete the course, so they can enjoy the maximum benefits and the joys of achievement. 

So, this platform – Creative Well – is my current focus. 

I’m busily reworking all my online courses to date and setting them up here on my shiny new platform, and I cannot wait to share the entire suite of creativity courses with you, in all their updated and learner-friendly glory. 


Though these programmes are mostly online and self-paced courses, many also include a high level of personalised service and support from me.  

My vision is that these coaching courses will be an accessible way to explore my brand of creativity coaching, and work closely with me in bringing your creative visions and goals to life. 

And if you’d like my personal recommendation for which course would be the best fit for where you are right now, please ask away – I’d be delighted to guide you in your next steps. 

Or if you’d like to learn more about my philosophy and approach, my Creativity Blog is a great place to start. 

I hope these courses and resources will help you do more of the creative work you love, with more joy, ease and flow. 

Because that way, magic lies… ✨

“I fell in love with the work.

And the work was joyful
and difficult and interesting,
and that was my focus.”


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